PLE/N’s and Peer Review

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I just watched an introductory video for the web service Symbaloo (which I discovered from Ian Woods post in #PLENK2010, inserted into Susan O’Grady’s post), presented by a 7th graded on her use of Symbaloo as a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). As part of her video presentation, on her use of Symbaloo, she mentioned that her teacher told her that good science was peer reviewed and so she sent her work (report) off to an expert to check her facts. Actually she didn’t get a response first try and so sent her work to another for review. Wow, what a wonderful lesson to teach a 7th grader! I hope this lesson also teaches her to be critical of what she reads on the internet (and/or printed media / television).

So it struck me immediately that PLE/N’s are an excellent tool to keep us honest and more accurate in our work and interpretation of knowledge. I am thinking of #PLENK2010 for example, as a network of peers (a favorable statement on my part) that I can leverage to check my facts and understanding on topics that I stray into that I may have less knowledge about than others. Not that this is necessarily the intent of my experience with #PLENK2010, but rather it is a natural outcome of the experience of discovery and debate (ala Socratic Method). So here we have a process resulting from a PLE that mimics in some ways, a personal peer review network.

I’m interested to hear what other think of this view of PLE’s


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November 2, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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