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This week I have refocused some attention on PLENK2010 – a course about Personal Learning Environments (PLE). Now I am just starting this 10 week course in its eighth week, so forgive me as I stumble through with my comments, not having read the previous weeks content yet. The full course title is Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge. I intend to write about it here and attempt to share my understanding of the course and its content.

What is a Persoanl Learning Environment, you might ask? As I understand it (and please fellow PLENK2010 people, comment on my ignoirance here), a PLE is taking new technology and new ways of accessing and sharing information and creating networks of people relevant to your personal and professional interests and learning goals and consuming that information and knowledge and giving back to the community (if you want). The PLE is created by the learner based in their preferences, networks and access to technology in order to support their lifetime learning goals.

I also see the PLE, particularly as I see it through PLENK2010, as a guided approach to learning, with unlimited opportunities to customize the learning experience to the learners particularly interes and needs.

Because PLE’s also connect people of varying expertise and depth of knowedgel, we all have an opportunity to develop life long collaborative realtionships. I am very interested to see how this approach to learning can impact government and help government employees develop new knowledge and wisdom from that knowedge.



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November 1, 2010 at 2:55 pm

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